Online Dating for Women 35+ Who Are Ready to Meet the Right Person (and stop dating!)
Online dating does not have to suck.

Hi! I'm Carisa and I help high-achieving single women meet their Right Person within 6 months. 

Almost 90% of my private clients are in happy, committed relationships within 6 months of our work together.

Book a chat to talk about investing in working with me as a private client.

In this {free} masterclass video, you'll get:

  • Step-by-step guidance on how to create an online dating profile that is authentic, relatable and magnetic to the RIGHT kind of men and repels the jerks
  • Guidance about which dating app is right for you and which app to AVOID using 
  • The confidence to take an online connection into real life with grace (and without having to be "in charge" of making it happen)
Online dating with the right strategy is one of the BEST, easiest and fastest ways to meet great partners who are emotionally mature, want a committed relationship and take the initiative to ask YOU out.

In this masterclass I'm sharing the strategy I use with my private clients that lets them shine online as their most confident, authentic selves and attract good men who are right for them.
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